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iPad applications for Learning

Here is a list of the iPad apps we are using in our classrooms and how we use it. Click on the image of the app to download. Please check to see if they are still free as some apps start free and then charge at a later date.

We are learning about the sounds of letters to help us with our Reading and Spelling.

Phonics, Grammar and Spelling apps


 ipad app



Phonics Awareness

Activities to help learn letter sounds, blends, segmenting and vowels.

Grade 2 - 4 

silly sentences


Silly sentences

Activities to help learn common sounds of words, word recognition and vowel sounds.

Grade K - 3 

 phonics genius


Phonics Genius

An app that goes through phonic blends and demonstrates word lists before testing word recognition.

Grade 2 - 6 

 tic tac toe phonics


Tic Tac Toe Phonics

Students play in pairs the common noughts and crosses game with questions related to phonics and spelling.

Grade 2 - 6 

 spelling bug


Spelling bug

Spelling quiz with pictures to support spelling game. Students move up to harder levels if words spelt correctly.

Grade K - 6 




An app that can be played single player, dual or multiplayer to match words that rhyme, suffixes etc.

Grade 2 - 6

 abc tracer


ABC Tracer

Activities to encourage word recognition and writing of words. There are settings to quiz and play to test our knowledge and an art activity.

Grade K - 3

 abc phonics


ABC Phonics

Activities that encourage word patterns, vowel sounds and phonic awareness with options to test and quiz knowledge.

Grade K - 6

We are learning about  words to help us with our Reading and Writing as well as Digital Storytelling

Reading, Writing and Digital story apps





Students to play against each other to see how quickly they can match the image with the correct word.

 Grade 2 - 4




Story Chimes

A whole range of interactive stories that the students can read to themselves or have someone read to them. At the end there is a free activity.

Grade K - 6 


 Dragon jumble


Dragon Jumble Dream

This app has a variety of activities supporting reading, story sequencing and word recognition.

Grade K - 3





Students can create recorded stories encouraging students to use various words to enhance and change a story while teaching grammar basics.

Grade 2 - 6





Create ebooks online with audio, take photos, paint and type to make a Digital story that you can send by email.

Grade 1 - 6

 scribble press


Scribble press

Create an ebook with the ready made template stories available. Add your own pictures and then share them with family

Grade 3 - 6

 sock puppets


Sock Puppets

Create stories with digital story puppets. Great for encouraging talking and listening.

Grade K - 6




Create movies with music, video, text and photos. Easy to create and publish.

Grade 2 - 6

We are learning about Numbers to help us with our Math

Math apps


 i have


I have, Who has

An interactive team game where 4 players support each other to beat a timed game with basic facts

Grade 3 - 6


 math master



Math Master

Three different game modes to test basic facts skills.

Grade 1 - 6

 rocket free


Rocket Free Math

Students design a rocket and fly on missions to solve geometry, number and time adventures. They can also use basic skills to earn money.

Grade 2 - 6





Students work on friends of 10 math concept and look at ways to add numbers to equal 10.

Grade K - 6


 pizza fractions


Pizza Fractions

Students shake the iPad and are given fractions to match the pieces of pizza shown.

Grade 2 - 6

 master the math


Master the Math

Naplan style questions with math levels to grades. Excellent practice material.

Grade 3 - 6

 megamind app



Megamind Math

Activities to support basic skills with levels getting more difficult. It looks at double digit algorithms.

Grade 4 - 6

 math ninja


Math Ninja

Students enjoy being a Math Ninja and work within a game to solve basic skills math problems.

Grade 2 - 6