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Early Stage 1




Our  Assistant Principal is Ms Turnbull.


Early Stage One English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) Teachers include

Ms Fairs


Early Stage One teachers include:

KL - Ms Linnegar

KN - Ms Obeid

KO – Ms Oshana

KT – Ms Thai

KR - Ms Rouel


Class Requirements:

A box of tissues for class use

Paint shirt (clearly labelled)

Container of hand soap

A school hat

Library bag ($5.00 at the canteen)


Key Learning Areas (KLAs)include:




Speaking & Listening



Patterns and Algebra



Space & Geometry

Problem Solving - Working Mathematically






Creative Arts includes:


Visual Arts



Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE):

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) we will be focusing on include:


Sprint running

Vertical jumping


Early Stage One Fitness

Early Stage One enjoy participating in various games which promote sharing, turn taking and following rules. Early Stage One will focus on co-ordination and movement skills to enhance fitness skills.


Early Stage One Sport

Early Stage One have sport on Fridays from 12:50pm to 1:30pm.


Reading/ Notes Folders

 Students need to bring their ‘Reading' folders to school every day and should practise their reading every night.

Notes received in 'Notes' folder need to be removed and the folder must be returned to school on the following day.



Homework is due every Friday. Early Stage One students need to glue their sheets into a scrap book. They also need to bring their Camera word/ Sound book with their homework.


Camera Word/ Sound Book

Each night students should practise their camera words and sounds at home. A record of this can be kept in the Camera/Word sound book by ticking off which sounds and words the students can confidently identify and state.